The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest

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vl, frnkí lí' júds príz yé vr y bz v frxs ś vn frnkí lí níw mní vn dé júds kvklí pw ·t 'ról v tns x pléz ym n 'ftzl jz bv ypww plén Syn', “ték ǐr pk, frnkí bö mä ls vl b ǐr gén”

Well, Frankie Lee and Judas Priest They were the best of friends So when Frankie Lee needed money one day Judas quickly pulled out a roll of tens And placed them on a footstool Just above the plotted plain Sayin', “Take your pick, Frankie Boy My loss will be your gain”

vl, frnkí lí, hí z rt d·n x pt hs fqgrs tú hs jn bt vyy ków s̀ v júds n hm hs hd bgn tú spn “kd y plís x zr t mí läk yt, ” hí sd “ts jz mä fúlc prd bt smtäms 'mn mz b lón x ys s̀ nó plés tú häd”

Well, Frankie Lee, he sat right down And put his fingers to his chin But with the cold eyes of Judas on him His head began to spin “Could ya please not stare at me like that, ” he said “It's just my foolish pride But sometimes a man must be alone And this is no place to hide”

vl, júds, hí jz vnkd' sd “l rt, /l lív ǔ hír bt ǔ'd btr hrí p' jús vj v yós bls ǔ vx, bfr yé l dspr” “/m gn zw mä pckn' rt n· jz tl mí vr ǔl b” júds pöxd d·n yrd x sd, “Etrxí”

Well, Judas, he just winked and said “All right, I'll leave you here But you'd better hurry up and choose Which of those bills you want, before they all disappear” “I'm gonna start my pickin' right now Just tell me where you'll be” Judas pointed down the road And said, “Eternity”

“Etrxí?”, sd frnkí lí vy 'vös s̀ ków s̀ s “yts rt”, sd júds, “Etrxí yó ǔ mät kl t 'pwäs'” “/dx kl t níyq” sd frnkí lí vy 'smäl “l rt”, sd júds príz “/l ś ǔ ftr 'väl”

“Eternity?”, said Frankie Lee With a voice as cold as ice “That's right”, said Judas, “Eternity Though you might call it 'Paradise'” “I don't call it anything” Said Frankie Lee with a smile “All right”, said Judas Priest “I'll see you after a while”

vl, frnkí lí, hí z bk d·n fln' ló' mín vn jz yn 'psq zrénjr brz pn ysín séq, “r ǔ frnkí lí, ygmblr hús fyrs dsíz? vl, f r, yrs 'fló cln' ǔ, d·n yrd x yé ś hs ném s̀ príz”

Well, Frankie Lee, he sat back down Feelin' low and mean When just then a passing stranger Burst upon the scene Saying, “Are you Frankie Lee, the gambler Whose father's deceased? Well, if you are, there's a fellow callin' you, down the road And they say his name is Priest”

“oh, ǐs, hí s̀ mä frx” sd frnkí lí n frt “/dú ríkl hm vrí vl n fkt, hí jz lft mä st” “ǐs, yts y vn, ” sd yzrénjr s̀ kvät s̀ 'm·s “oh, mä msj s̀, hís d·n yrd zrxd n 'h·s”

“Oh, yes, he is my friend” Said Frankie Lee in fright “I do recall him very well In fact, he just left my sight” “Yes, that's the one, ” said the stranger As quiet as a mouse “Oh, my message is, he's down the road Stranded in a house”

vl, frnkí lí, hí pnckd hí drpt vríyq' rn xl hí kém n y spt vr júds príz w zx “vt käx v h·s s̀ ys, ” hí sd “vr /v km tú róm?” “ts éx 'h·s”, ss júds príz “ts éx 'h·s, ts 'hóm”

Well, Frankie Lee, he panicked He dropped everything and ran Until he came on to the spot Where Judas Priest did stand “What kind of house is this, ” he said “Where I have come to roam?” “It's not a house”, says Judas Priest “It's not a house, it's a home”

vl, frnkí lí, hí trmbw hí sún lz l kxról óvr vríyq vj hí hd méd väl ymcn bls w tól hí jz sw yr zrq t yt bg h·s s̀ brt s̀ ní sn vy fr' tvxí vxós x 'vmns fés n vrí vn

Well, Frankie Lee, he trembled He soon lost all control Over everything which he had made While the mission bells did toll He just stood there staring At that big house as bright as any sun With four and twenty windows And a woman's face in every one

vl, p yzrs rn frnkí lí vy 'slfl, bxq líp x fmq t ym·y hí bgn tú mék hs mdnt kríp fr skzín nts' dés hí révd bt ny svxíny hí brz xú y rms v júds príz vj s̀ vr hí dd v yrz

Well, up the stairs ran Frankie Lee With a soulful, bounding leap And foaming at the mouth He began to make his midnight creep For sixteen nights and days he raved But on the seventeenth he burst Into the arms of Judas Priest Which is where he died of thirst

nó vn trd tú ś 'yq vn yé krd hm ·t n jz Xspt, f ks, ywl nébr bö hú krd hm tú rz x hí jz vkt lq, lón vy hs gw ś vl knsw x mtw xrníy hs bry “nyq s̀ rvíw”

No one tried to say a thing When they carried him out in jest Except, of course, the little neighbor boy Who carried him to rest And he just walked along, alone With his guilt so well concealed And muttered underneath his breath “Nothing is revealed”

vl, ymrl fy zrí ymrl v ys sq s̀ smplí yt vn cd nvr b vr vn dsx blq ś vn ǔ ś ǐr nébr kríq smyq hlp hm vy hs ld x dx gó mzkq pwäs fr yt hóm krs yrd

Well, the moral of the story The moral of this song Is simply that one should never be Where one does not belong So when you see your neighbor carrying somethin' Help him with his load And don't go mistaking Paradise For that home across the road