Hilltop Hoods – I'm Good?


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/v bn bttr, /m n bd' /m mbwd, mn, /v lvd bttr 'v sín bttr dés, mn ví l hv tvxí tvxís nyq bt n ncvd blbg

I've been better, I'm in bed and I'm embedded, man, I have lived better I've seen better days, man we all have Twenty twenty's nothing but an unshaved ballbag

ts x l bd, swd ·t mä sk drr vrí sqgl pr v ym, fówd ym p prpr yn /vjt sm pwtr, gt hm y jpr

It's not all bad, sorted out my sock drawer Every single pair of them, folded them up proper Then I watched some Predator, get him to the chopper

pt sm xflx n gt bvrg dvg, b y bz ǔ kn b /pld fr 'rskǔ dg bt f/ gt ǔ dg, ǔ'r rscq mí

Put some Netflix on Get a beverage dawg, be the best you can be I applied for a rescue dog But if I get you dog, you're rescuing me

mínväl 'mm swí' gt ft bt yvé /m kmq ·ts h· /vx n x yt s̀ dm' ft, ś ws gó

Meanwhile I'mma study and get fit But the way I'm coming out's how I went in And that is dumb and fat, so let's go

/m gd, /m gd, /m pwí gd ynks fr s̀kq, yts mätí ytfl /m gd, /m gd, bt x grt

I'm good, I'm good, I'm pretty good Thanks for asking, that's mighty thoughtful I'm good, I'm good, but not great

msq ydrgs, sn? msq ǐr dílr? msq 'lvd vn? lsn, /fíl y ví'r l msq smvn, /m msq mä Mm, /m msq ǐr mm tú, /m jz hvq fn, sn

Missing the drugs, son? Missing your dealer? Missing a loved one? Listen, I feel ya We're all missing someone, I'm missing my Mum, I'm Missing your mum too, I'm just having fun, son

vétq n prscrptns v vlím vétq n 'cpmx f mbn vétq n 'mä Crn' frm vw l f /m zk t hóm, mät s̀ vl gró mä bw ·t läk b lnkn, ys ś grlq ts fní, /kx gt ·t v ys fnk dé drnkq, hóm skúlq mmí, /ynk yt mä mth tíjrs drnk

Waiting on prescriptions of Valium Waiting on a shipment of Ambien Waiting on 'My Corona' from Weird Al If I'm stuck at home, might as well grow my beard out Like Abe Lincoln, this so grueling It's funny, I can't get out of this funk Day drinking, home schooling Mummy, I think that my math teachers drunk

/m x, bt ysjúécns ś śbr /m ś-ś, hv mä ps' d·ns läk 'vcdr hv ycv-dr, x by täm ví'r óvr ycrn hv 'cmbvr vs 'rd dg, n· /m 'hmbdy x /v nó dg, fíl läk nóbdí ś, f nó v smvn vy 'rskǔ w mí nó 'ks /nd 'pt jz tgt yrú

I'm not, but the situation's so sober I'm so-so, have my ups and downs like a vocoder Have the cov-odor, and by the time we're over The corona have a combover Was a road dog, now I'm a homebody And I have no dog, feel like nobody So, if you know of someone with a rescue Let me know 'cause I need a pet just to get through

/m gd, /m gd, /m pwí gd ynks fr s̀kq, yts mätí ytfl /m gd, /m gd, bt x grt h· r ǔ? 'ks /m kx fl

/pw p, l drz n 'msk' glvs bt ts x 'sks yq vl /gs ts 'bt f 'sks yq? n Prnhb Pxmc s̀ trxq ys rlí sx nrml, fílq pwí mwl yt l mä fílqs' prblms vr fl n· /nrlí jwl, ynkq b·t ym Drvnq n vrí, /rlí nd 'snrkl

I pulled up, all dressed in A mask and gloves but it's not a sex thing Well I guess it's a bit of a sex thing? On Pornhub Pandemic is trending This really isn't normal, feeling pretty mortal Thought all my feelings and problems were awful Now I nearly chortle, thinking about them Drowning in worry, I really need a snorkel

m zl zé hóm yó

Ima still stay home though

/m gd, /m gd, /m pwí gd ynks fr s̀kq, yts mätí ytfl /m gd, /m gd, bt x grt h· r ǔ? 'ks /m kx fl